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Truckers Insurance: Steps to Take if You Are Involved in an Accident.
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Truckers Insurance: Steps to Take if You Are Involved in an Accident.

Steps to Take if Involved in an Accident:

If you've ever been in an accident, you know there are a lot of thoughts running through your mind. 

  • What just happened? 
  • Is everyone OK? 
  • Was that my fault? 
  • What should I do? 

It can be overwhelming, but knowing how to respond will make all the difference. Here is a list of steps that you should consider.

1. Remain calm.

Make sure there are no injuries. If there are injuries, call for an ambulance immediately.

2. Do not leave the scene.

Take safety precautions when/where possible such as turning on flashers, placing reflective triangles, etc…

3. Call Law Enforcement.

Be sure you have a copy of all documentation provided by the responding officer before leaving the scene. This includes the accident report, insurance and contact information for the other party(s) involved, and vehicle information (license plate number(s), year, make, etc…) for all vehicles involved.

4. Take Pictures.

Take as many pictures as you can from as many angles as possible. If you do not have a camera, draw a diagram of the scene.

5. Take notes.

Over time memories fade, and having a good set of notes taken right after the accident will help you recall even the smallest of details.

6. Identify Witnesses.

Collect names and contact information of those who saw the accident.

7. Do not discuss fault.

Do not discuss details of the accident or fault with anyone other than the responding officer and your insurance representative.

8. Call your insurance agent.

He or she will direct you on the claims procedure.

9) Take a post-accident drug test.

The driver of your vehicle at the time of the accident should take a drug/alcohol test as soon as possible. This is extremely important if you were operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the accident.

Following these steps will be beneficial at the scene and during the investigation/claims process that is sure to follow.

If you are interested in talking with someone about insurance, give us a call 843-688-6800. We’ll have a conversation, and together decide if I can help.

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