Truckers Insurance

In South Carolina, all vehicles are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Along with liability insurance, many truck owner/operators also carry physical damage insurance, cargo insurance, trailer interchange, refer breakdown, etc... It's very important to be sure you are properly covered before a loss.

What does it cost?

Auto Liability insurance is based on a few things. Most companies look at what you haul, your vehicle schedule (list), loss history, drivers, and credit rating. The value of your vehicles, freight, and the radius of operations also play a roll in price.

What does it cover?

Do violations I received while in my personal vehicle affect my commercial insurance.

Yes. The majority of carriers do not differentiate between violations received in a personal and commercial vehicle. All violations will count.

What types of truckers insurance are there? (list)

Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, Trailer Interchange, Non-Trucking, Refer Breakdown, Trucker's General Liability, and more.

What are the qualifications for drivers?

Driver hiring standards are determined by you, the employer. To qualify for the best rates, you typically don't want a driver to have more than two minor moving violations in the past three years. Major moving violations and at fault accidents are typically considered more severe by the insurance carriers.

What coverage do you provide that other companies can't?

If no points were associated with a ticket, will it still count against me?

Yes. The insurance carriers do not use the same point system as the state. Any moving violation will count against you.

How fast can I get a quote?

That depends on several variables, but typically we can have you a quote within eight hours, and multiple quotes within 48 hours.



Prompt Response

I enjoy dealing with companies that know me by name. Not often can you find a local company that provides great service with prompt response and a personal touch. Cypress Risk Management provides all three. Having an insurance agent that I can get on the phone and talk to if I have an issue or questions is critical to my business. I appreciate the quality of service that they provide and would highly recommend them to any business for insurance.

Russell D. Hilton, Attorney


Cypress Risk Management has given me confidence that my company is covered for my business insurance needs. They are thorough, knowledgeable and have managed our insurance needs. They will go the extra mile to assist you whether it's to your place of business or your job site. I can call them at any time and get a quick response to a question or a document. We are thoroughly satisfied with their service.

R.A., Ritter Logging Co.

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